Bianca, the owner and creator of POLLY LADY began experimenting with Polymer Clay to help distract herself from the pain caused by her multiple rare chronic illnesses. She has since pivoted into using acrylic as her artistic medium.

With the positive feedback from many family, friends and strangers on Facebook MarketplacePOLLY LADY was born in Mid 2019.

Soon enough, her creations were hanging in the lobes of many earring lovers and Bianca realised how much joy came from creating her unique earrings.

To this day, each earring is lovingly handcrafted. From creating the design file, to placing the acrylic in the laser cutter, cleaning and peeling the acrylic to piecing the earrings together and gluing the backs on... until they arrive at your doorstep, so much love has already gone into your newest purchase.

Bianca even designs many of the fabrics used to create beautiful Scrunchies... From custom solid colours to custom prints, the designs are truly unique and exclusive to POLLY LADY! *


( A pair of POLLY LADY's first Polymer Clay Earrings)


*exclusive scrunchie designs are marked on product listing